10 things guys do to gain leverage | 10 signs you’re dating a pickup artist

10 things guys do to gain leverage | 10 signs you’re dating a pickup artist

10 Things guys do to gain leverage. 10 Signs you are dating a pick up artist.

Before I start I wanna say that this topic isn’t about all men. It’s about users man whores or pick up artists or what ever you like to call them. Some men may naturally have one or two of these habits but a real player will exhibit most of these behaviors. Men who sleep around know what they are doing. Stop falling this stuff.

1. They refuse to build a a relationship on the phone. They insist that you go out. Usually for drinks.That’s because they could be trying to accelerate your physical comfort with them. This makes attaining secs easier. A guy that won’t invest in conversation with you doesn’t have any intentions on getting to know you. In order to get to know someone you have to learn about them. And to learn about them you must converse. This is very basic. The first thing a guy usually says when he talks to a woman is some variation of I want to get to know you better. Well How the hell can he do that if he won’t talk on the phone or engage in consistent long form text messaging? He can’t.

2. The refuse to make emotional connections or show any vulnerability. He may seem like he has the emotional depth of the terminator. If you ask him he doesn’t have any emotions. If you try to share yours he rejects them or dismisses them. He dodges any attempts you make to confide in him. He doesn’t care about listening to your problems or solving them. He makes no attempts to protect you emotionally from his actions or lack of effort. Remember when a man loves a woman he feels responsible for her physical and emotional well being. Some are guys are detached naturally but if you notice this coupled with more than three of the other signs on this list then he may be actively avoiding making a connection with you and or has no plans to care for you in the future.

3.They run roughshod over your boundaries while sticking close to their own. Mature men have standards for themselves and respect for the standards of others. However Womanizer pick up artist types get all their power from creating a fear in their target of abandonment. Once they see a woman has a heightened level of interest they bare down on their standards to control her actions and behavior. Women in these situations have to “act right” to keep his attention. He may completely disregard any standards of hers but she won’t have enough courage to challenge his behavior between acting right and being easy to deal with. He may rude disorganized inattentive and sexually aggressive. If you can’t make a date or refuse to get physical he’ll punish you with more detachment and space.

4. They don’t respond to calls or text messages promptly or at all. This is all about and the excitement of stress and mystery. Obsession begins with a thought. PUA understand this. They know if they can make you wander where he’s at, what he’s doing, who he’s doing it with. Eventually feelings will accompany those thoughts. It’s makes you want to work harder to be more important to them. So that they answer your calls and texts more. It makes you more willing to cross your own boundaries. Men recognize when you except this behavior you are vulnerable and manipulatable.

5. They refuse to wine and dine you to prep you for a minimal effort. A lot of guys like to set the standards for themselves low from the very beginning. Some will even refuse to take you on dates and try to meet at one of your houses for the first date. This is a giant red flag. The home is intimate space. Men invite you to their place for the first date because it’s closer to a bed or couch than a decent restaurant is. Never accept a first date or hang out invitation at a guys house or yours unless your ok with being a casual hookup. Date rate is also a thing ladies so protect yourself. There are a plethora of reasons why you should be meeting a man for the first time in a crowded public space. You also don’t want to meet a guy for drinks on the first date. Guys who try to get you inebriated on the first date only want to smash. They know they have very little they are either willing or capable of offering intellectually so they want to get you buzzed to switch your focus from connecting to frivolous fun and banter.