12 Signs You Are Dating A Boy Not A Man | Rules Of Relationship 2017

12 Signs You Are Dating A Boy Not A Man | Rules Of Relationship 2017

12 Signs You Are Dating A Boy Not A Man | Rules Of Relationship 2017

Are you dating a man or a boy?

There is a substantial difference between dating a mere little boy and a mature man. Needless to say you will definitely want to be dating a man if you are looking for something stable, consistent, and strong. You can’t expect to build a successful long-term relationship with a boy who doesn’t understand what responsibilities that task would entail just yet. You can’t expect to be in a strong relationship with an immature boy who isn’t in touch with his feelings and emotions. You can’t afford to be in a relationship with a boy who has no eye for the future and who doesn’t work towards his goals and dreams.

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