15 Strict Rules NFL Cheerleaders Have To Follow During Season

15 Strict Rules NFL Cheerleaders Have To Follow During Season

NFL Cheerleader’s Rules Are More Strict Than You Could Ever Imagine. From The Jiggle Test To The Three-Pound Rule…

NFL Cheerleaders have a lot of extreme rules to follow. Some cheerleaders are fighting back against the rules by suing the NFL and their cheerleading teams, such as The Jills and The New Orleans Saintsations. The controversy is so deep that a documentary is circulating about the unfair treatment of cheerleaders titled, “A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem.” Bailey Davis and Maria Pinzone are leading the charge against the NFL, suing for gender discrimination and low wages. The amount of control the NFL has over the lives of the cheerleaders the league employs is startling. They are told what to wear, what to say, how to act, and what to post on social media.

Cheerleaders leaked handbooks to the “New York Times” that have controversial rules, such as the “Jiggle Rule,” and the “Three Pound Rule.” The women on the cheer squads are also told who they can and can’t date with a rule that states they are forbidden from fraternizing with the football players. Cheerleaders have been fired for being at the same party as a football player, while the player suffered no consequences. Cheerleaders are forced to spend hundreds of dollars out of their minimum wage salaries to pay for their own uniforms and take expensive trips to hair and nail salons to keep up their appearances. These are the kinds of rules cheerleaders are suing over to make the work experience better for all women employed by the NFL. But are these rules going too far? Or are they just part of working in the big leagues?

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