17 Signs An Introvert LIKES You!

17 Signs An Introvert LIKES You!

Top signs an introvert is into you! These are the best body language and introvert signs and how to tell if an introvert likes you!

7. Making Suggestions – This sign has its roots in how introverts are very caring toward the people they like. They will be there to fall back on and lift the person up if they’re feeling down. But, they won’t just be there to listen; they’ll do whatever they can to support their friends or partners. An introvert will give those they like any advice they can to help them along. They’re very observant since they spend most of their time listening instead of talking. So, they can gather a lot of information to assist those they care about in problematic situations. The majority of the time they wouldn’t be open with their opinions, so if they are letting you know what they think to support you, it’s indicative of their admiration.

6. Unveiling Themselves – Just like introverts will open up about their feelings if they like someone, they will often open up about their secrets as well. They need to feel as if they can trust someone wholeheartedly before they let them in on their confidential information. This can include their deepest desires, things that have happened to them in the past, or maybe even embarrassing moments they generally don’t share with other people. Whatever the case, if they’ve opened up to you about something special, it means they’re into you.

5. It’s All in the Details – All that time introverts spend observing those around them comes in handy when interacting with the people they like. If you’ve noticed that someone has memorized your order at Subway, knows your music preferences or your favorite color, or even brings you small thoughtful gifts, it’s a huge indication that the person is interested in you. It means that they’ve spent time and energy getting to know the details of your preferences. It is especially something to pay attention to when they use this knowledge and make it a point to show you. If an introvert is openly expressing the fact that they’ve gathered this information and use it to gain your attention, it’s a sign that they like you.

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