3 Rules To DOMINATE Any Social Situation | Troy Live

3 Rules To DOMINATE Any Social Situation | Troy Live

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3 simple steps to becoming more confident TODAY!


I’m Troy Francis, a London dating coach and writer serving clients in the UK and internationally. I help men to improve their dating skills by teaching them how to meet and attract women in a natural and authentic way.

I have been in the world of daygame, attraction and pickup since 2004, and have been writing about the scene as well as coaching clients since 2014.

I was chief ‘game’ writer for a hugely successful US men’s lifestyle website for 4 years, and have built up my own website and social media following at the same time.

I have also written nine books on dating and game including The 7 Laws of Seduction, Text Game Mastery, How To Be An Ash*le and Fifty Shades of Game.

My approach to dating is ideal for the older, professional guy who is fed up with cheesy chat-up lines and pickup techniques, and who wants to learn how to attract beautiful women in an authentic, non-sleazy way.

On my channel you can expect 2+ videos a week – a podcast and an advice video covering some aspect of self-development, dating and more.

You will find daygame infield videos on my channel as well as interviews, client transformation videos etc.

Email: troy@realtroyfrancis.com
Website: realtroyfrancis.com

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