5 Kinds of Guys Who Need a Dating Coach

5 Kinds of Guys Who Need a Dating Coach

It used to be embarrassing for a man to admit that he needed help with the ladies.

Yet, in today’s world, it has become totally normal for men to learn from a dating coach, so they can then quickly begin enjoying sex, love and relationships with women, rather than remaining single and alone.

By the way…

Back when I was single and lonely, there weren’t any dating coaches helping men succeed with women because it was before the internet even came online.

So, I was basically on my own.

Everyone in my life just told me to be nice, compliment a woman, be friendly and wait.

They would say things like, “Don’t worry. You’ll meet the right girl one day. In the meantime, just enjoy your life.”


I wanted to have sex NOW and have a girlfriend NOW, not maybe in the future.

I was sick and tired of being overlooked by women, so I decided to figure out how to get what I wanted with women.

…and I succeeded at it.


After a couple of months, I began to work out how to attract women as I talked to them, which then allowed me to enjoy my choice of pretty women for over 10 years.

Eventually, when I was ready, I settled down with my perfect girl and I couldn’t be happier.

You can see photos of her and I here, as well as watch the video where I explain why I decided to accept her marriage proposal after rejecting numerous girlfriends in the past:

How about you?

Have you been getting the results that you want with women, or are you single and alone even though you’d rather be having sex or a relationship with women?

You’re not on your own anymore.

I can and will help you.

You will succeed with women.

You really can get what you want with women.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if you’re the type of man who could use the help of a dating coach for men, watch the video above.

BTW: The 5 kinds of guys that I describe in the video are:

1. The cool guy who lacks confidence around women.
2. The very intelligent guy who isn’t used to flirting with women.
3. The virgin or the guy who avoids sex because he lacks sexual confidence
4. The shy guy who can’t work up the courage to talk to women
5. The confident guy who can’t seem to get anywhere with the type of women he really likes.

If you can relate to any of the guys in that video, then let me help you further.


For starters, keep watching my Youtube videos and you will quickly begin to realize that success with women is EASY once you know what I know.

Alternatively, if you’d like to accelerate your success by learning my best techniques for attracting women, go to:

See you next time!

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