5 Unexpected Couples | Oddest Couples | Unusual relationship 💑

5 Unexpected Couples  |  Oddest Couples  |  Unusual relationship 💑

5 Bizarre Couples Who Prove Love Has No Bounds | Oddest Couples | Unusual Couples | Relationship
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Marjorie & Kyle Jones
Eat your heart out Demi Moore, Madonna and J Lo, there’s a new cougar in town – and she’s outdone all of
you by dating a man 60 years her junior.
91-year-old great-granny Marjorie McCool has been dating 31-year-old Kyle Jones for 5 years.

Gloria & Ali
The idea that couples should be paired by body weight has led one California woman to stand up and
face the bullies that taunt her everyday. Gloria Shuri Nava, 25, a beauty blogger from San Jose, is
overweight. Her 22-year-old boyfriend of 18 months, Ali, who she met online, is “fit and muscular.”
According to Miss Nave, many people can’t comprehend why he would want to date her.

China Bell & Anton Kraft
A 4’4″ tall dwarf who claims to be “the strongest man in the world” hopes to break down barriers further
by marrying his 6′ 3″ transgender girlfriend. Anton Kraft has smashed records for weightlifting four times
his own weight, but the determined 52-year-old has revealed his greatest achievement was bagging his glamorous
new love.

Lizzie & Chris Glasgow
In 2013, an anorexic woman and a morbidly obese man got married, just months after meeting at an eating
disorder clinic. Lizzie Elsburg is bulimic and was 90 pounds when she met 420 lb junk-food addict Chris
Glasgow, who ate five takeaways every day. The couple clicked at counseling sessions and started dating after
a just few months.

One of seven children, Al Tomaini was born in New Jersey in 1912. As he grew, it was discovered that he had
an overactive pituitary gland—he eventually stood over seven feet in height. To forge a career in sideshows,
Al claimed to be 8’4” and billed himself as “The Tallest Man in the World” He was shy, gentle, and sweet inside
and out, from the top of his towering head to the bottom of his size 27 shoes.
During the Great Lakes Exposition of 1936, one special young lady took a particular interest in this gentle
giant with the coy smile. Her name was Jeanie (Berniece Evelyn Smith), and she was born on August 23, 1916,
in Blufton, Indiana, with twisted arms and no legs. She “stood” just over two feet in height but towered in personality.


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