5 Ways To MEET WOMEN as an INTROVERT | (How & Where to Place Yourself)

5 Ways To MEET WOMEN as an INTROVERT | (How & Where to Place Yourself)

As an introvertive man, it can be more difficult meeting women. Introverts typically stay at home and don’t like to go out much. Fortunately, there are ways you can easy yourself into meeting your match. Here’s how to meet women as an introvert:

– Volunteer at a local non-profit. Volunteering is a good way to get out of the house and find a reason to be around other people. This opens the door for meeting women like you wouldn’t believe.

– Hang out at the library, bookstore, or coffee shop. Introverts love these places because you can be by yourself, yet still be around people. And this meets creating an opportunity to meet a lady. Hang out on your laptop or read a book, and take advantage of any opportunity to talk to a woman that looks like she just might be your type.

– Take a class. Taking a pottery, photography, or language class can be a good excuse to put yourself around women. Women usually out number men in these types of classes, so the odds will most likely be in your favor.

– Attend a church or religious organization. You don’t need to be super spiritual. You just need to attend. People are generally welcoming and receptive at these places, and this makes it easy to meet new people, including women.

– Join an online dating website or app. This is an ideal way for introverts to meet ladies. You don’t have to speak face to face before getting to know someone. You can choose when you want to meet in person.

Although challenging for an introvert, choose one of these methods and go with it. Once you meet that special someone, you’ll be glad you did!

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