6 Tips to Be More Confident Around Girls [2019]

6 Tips to Be More Confident Around Girls [2019]

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Confidence. Everyone’s favorite topic.

It’s really easy to bullshit a deep and useful answer with this topic, but I’m not about bullshitting you.

I want to give you REAL, PRACTICAL tips, not pontificate with pseudo-philosophy.

Fuck that shit.

And the people peddling that shit to you aren’t even decent philosophers. They’re basic AF.

So, screw the philosophical garbage and let’s focus on real results.

Watch the video.

Video Details:

00:30 – Getting your fundamentals tightened up should be the most OBVIOUS first steps


04:45 – Spend more time with women, sexually or non-sexually

07:00 – Real results come from a real process

07:45 – General socializing makes you more confident in general at socializing, then you add sexuality to it

11:00 – Every girl you see has had a dick in her mouth. This helps with social anxiety

12:45 – If you have any success stories, REMEMBER THEM

15:30 – This YouTube channel is a great example of growth and patience


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