6 Tips To SOCIALISE Better – For INTROVERTS | Troy Live

6 Tips To SOCIALISE Better – For INTROVERTS | Troy Live

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In this video I share 6 tips for how to socialise better – particularly for introverts

1. Seize the day
2. You only have to do this for a short time
3. Relentless positivity
4. Lower the bar in conversation
5. Be 1% louder and more dominant socially than you think possible
6. Have an excuse to leave

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Troy Francis is a writer, entrepreneur and personal brand expert.

Having built up his own profitable personal brand business, these days he is location independent but he spends most of his time in either London or Berlin.

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He has so far published ten books, and hundreds of articles, predominantly about relationships, online business and society.

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Email: troy@realtroyfrancis.com
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