8 sign he is not a cheater

8 sign he is not a cheater

8 Signs He’s Not A Cheater.


A study has shown that the rates of cheating and missed marriages is increasing seasonally, and despite this study being frightening and saddening at the same moment, scientists have also found a few ways to see if your in the clear with your compatibility or relationship or not.

1. You’re in the clear if you have the same pay check.

Studies attended recently have shown that companions that bring about the same amount of money home are less likely to be involved in affairs, than companions in which the male earns significantly more or significantly fewer funds, a study was also conducted regarding the average rate of educated men possible for educated women, the results were saddening repeat, as it the polls revealed that more good-looking educated women are left back than most educated men, (maybe its time to move to silicon valley).

2. You’re in the clear if he’s from the mid-west.

Has anyone heard Small town Boy? Well obviously everything explained in it about men from the country is truer than you would believe, according to a fresh study most cow boys are just too sophisticated and polite to go around deceiving on their wives and girlfriend.

3. You’re in the clear if it’s easy to keep track of his spending’s.

We don’t recommend going out and watching into the common guys purse to see if he has the twenty dollar bill he had in the morning. But if large amounts of money just starts umping and going and he’s acting shady, you should apparently start getting a bit unusual. In any situation its always best to talk things out, (we don’t want to start an unnecessary riot) maybe he’s just getting ready to rise the question.

4. You’re in the clear if his friends are faithful too.

Scientists have a made a fresh discovery that tells us that if a man has friends about him that are happy with their family and are faithful to their wives, it is extremely apparent that he will be too. People are often sensitive, (extroverts and introverts alike) we are after all social beings, and the people around, especially our friends, are influential, more than we’d like to admit. So, if he has good friends, your apparently in the clear.

5. You’re in the clear if he feels loved and trusted.

If the two of you are giving a good healthy connection and he feels qualified emotionally, its extremely likely he wont cheat. According to a study, most men cheat not to satisfy themselves actually but its emotional connection they lack that requires fulfillment.
Many a times, it is important to understand that both individuals in a relationship are capable of knowing emotionally drained and unloved, its important to pay consideration to your partner setting aside their gender.

6) You’re in the clear if he’s an extrovert:

A study shows that most cheating men, strangely enough, are introverts, mixers are more loyal than most introverts are. This can be attributed to the more exposure an extrovert character gets, they are always out meeting new people and when they finally settle down for one, its truly for real. So, if hes out with friends and involved in the workplace a little more than most people are, your apparently safer than you would be otherwise.

7) You’re in the clear if your gut says he’s not a cheater:

Most of the time your gut is correct, and if your looking at your bond and you don’t think he’s a cheater, than probabilities are, according to a study, that he’s not a cheater. You can blame it all to divine feminine knowledge that all women seem to be blessed with, or maybe, this once, appearances aren’t deceiving after all.

8) You’re in the clear if he loves rock music:

If your man is a rock music fan and keeps destroying his ears (and sometimes the house with all kinds of rock) than indications are he’s not a cheater, don’t ask as how this works, ask the experts who attended the study, but before you go out witch hunting, feel happy that all that music you have to put up with is deserving something.

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