Advice on Dating Single Fathers / Ultra Sound / Vaccinations

Advice on Dating Single Fathers / Ultra Sound / Vaccinations

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Question #1: Hi Ayida, Much love, and just to say a big thank you to you and lenon for the positive relationship series you did on youtube, it has helped me in many many ways. most importantly it helped me value a positive relationship i nearly got out of down to internal fears and insecurities it helped me think and put me back on track to get my internal work back on lol. so for that thank you, specially for sharing personal experience mostly, because a lot of the stories you told, reminded me very much of my self, and that helped me take a look at my self and realize i was the cause of a lot of my problems.

But my question was was about children and health. i know you and Lenon have decided to not vaccinate your children, so i was wondering. have your children ever experience the so called ”common” illnesses? such as chicken pox etc… i my self was born in Cuba and never had been vaccinated so i did not experience any of it. and people do not understand how can that be, since they have been told vaccines are supposed to keep you ”healthy” yet it seem they make people seeker. Thanks for reading my question and much love.

Question #2 What is your opinion on ultrasounds?

Question #3: Mr. Honor, I am a 42 y/o single mother of two newly grown children. I have been divorced for nearly 18 years and still single. I have been in “relationships” that ended in me getting hurt, taken for granite, cheated on and abused. I’ve always been the same, loving, caring, a good listener, motivator, and friend but by no means have I always been an angel. But I have grown, taken time to learn more about me but the pattern in the dating arena remain the same. Some guys have even told me that I’m too nice. So I have pulled myself back and started concentrating on me with “horse blinds” on but guys that keep approaching me are ones who want one thing and when I turn them down, I’m frowned upon. What am I doing wrong or what else should I do?

Lenon Honor is a writer, musician, video producer, talk show host, and counselor. His website has provided a wealth of information and inspiration in regards to manhood, fatherhood, marriage, children, family, and personal growth.
His website is a resource for anyone who is actively pursuing their own personal growth and empowerment.

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