Atheist Experience 23.50 with Don Baker & Jenna Belk

Atheist Experience 23.50 with Don Baker & Jenna Belk

The Atheist Experience episode 23.50 for December 1, 2019, with Don Baker and Jenna Belk. Viewer calls. Don and Jenna take viewer calls.

00:03:09 Vanessa – MA – Wondering about compromising with Santa.
00:06:20 Ryan – IN – Why atheists don’t believe, He’s a prophet of God, Mormonism
00:25:45 Michael – TX – God is Super Intelligent, Fine Tuning Argument
00:33:08 Bree – WA – Attended grandpa’s funeral and received the fire & brimstone talk.
00:39:07 Dean – NC – Using ancient documents, why can’t we use them as historical evidence.
01:02:20 Nick – NY – Writing letters to the Pope will fix Sex Abuse in Catholic Church
01:13:11 Danny – London, UK – Would like to talk about Exodus, Isrealite prophecies
01:24:45 Levi – WA – Living as an atheist in a religious household.


In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Don Baker is joined by Jenna Belk. Are you all ready for Don’s laugh? I am!
Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Vanessa from Massachusetts. Wonders if it is ruining the magic of Christmas if they tell their young children about the myth of Santa Claus. Jenna and Don help her through this. It’s ok to pretend for a little while, but keep an eye on it.
Next up, Ryan from Indiana would like to talk about why atheists don’t believe in a God. Jenna explains her history and her journey from Catholicism to being an atheist. Ryan also claims atheists are miserable. Oh that’s a stretch, we are all pretty happy at the Freethought Library. Listen in to find out how Don and Jenna unpack his arguments.
The following caller named Michael from Texas has the BEST argument for the existence of God. First he defines the God he believes in, which is good, and his argument is fine-tuning and the multiverse hypothesis. Listen in to hear Don and Jenna break it all down.
The next caller in the queue is Bree from Washington wanting to talk about her experience at a very religious funeral as an out atheist. I’m sorry you experienced that Bree, you have community with us here!
Next up, Dean in North Carolina would like to propose that because the documents that make up the Bible are ancient due to when they were written, we should be able to use these documents as historical evidence. Sorry, confirming historical documents as evidence doesn’t work that way.
Afterwards we have Nick from New York. He has the greatest evidence that Roman Catholicism is the one true religion. He also wants to fix the Church’s problems by writing and visiting Pope Francis in the Vatican. Also claiming that by believing in something it makes it true. Jenna provides some great resources for him.
Wooo, after that interesting caller, we have Danny in London, UK. He would like to chat about Exodus and its historicity. What does it mean if it is true? Why should we care? He should talk to an Egyptologist about this. This one was interesting as well.
Our last caller of the day, Levi in Washington. He is questioning his family’s religiosity and how to best approach them. Listen in to hear amazing Jenna’s advice.

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