Basic English Conversation Lesson For Beginners | Learn English Online

Basic English Conversation Lesson For Beginners | Learn English Online

Learn English Online Free. Basic English Speaking Conversation Lesson For Beginners (82 Dialogues)

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Dialogue 1
– Hello. My name’s Pete. What’s yours?
– Ann
– Nice name. I like it very much.
– Thank you. You name’s good, too.
– It was nice meeting you.
– Thanks. It was nice meeting you.

Dialogue 2
– What’s the date today, I wonder?
– Sunday, the 8th of March.
– What is it famous for?
– Don’t you know? It’s International Women’s Day.

Dialogue 3
– Are lessons over?
– Yes, they are.
– Where’re you going? Home?
– No, to the pictures. My friend’s waiting for me there.
– Good luck, then. Good bye.
– Well, I’m off. See you later.

Dialogue 4
– Have you got any hobbies? I have. I like English.
– So do I.
– Do you read much?
– Yes, because I want to know English well.
– Oh, let’s talk English for a bit.
– No objections to it.

Dialogue 5
– Oh, dear, hurry up!
– I’m trying to.
– Well, come on. It’s your first day at school.
– Do you want to be late?
– I’m ready now.
– Off we go!

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