Best Date Ideas: The Grove SF

Best Date Ideas: The Grove SF

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Looking for a great rainy day date spot in San Francisco? I’ve got just the place. The Grove.

With its rustic charm and cozy fireplace, you’ll feel as if you’ve plopped down in a ski-lodge after a long-days work on the slopes.

The reason I love it for a first date is because it has a safe, neighborhood-y, backyard sort of feel, which triggers those fond childhood memories of warm cocoa, gooey grilled cheese and rich tomato soup.

So warm and inviting, you might not ever want to leave. Bring a good book and an over-sized sweater and sink into the leather chairs by the fireplace.

Welcome to the final episode in our four-part location selection series. Over the course of this segment, you’ve learned how to select the perfect location for a first date.

Why is this important? Because location selection subconsciously affects many factors of a date.

For example, if a neighborhood feels unsafe or foreign, it can make a woman feel uneasy and close her off to really enjoying the experience.

If the traffic or parking situation is difficult, expensive, or unsafe, it can put you and your date in a bad mood, which will negatively impact your ability to connect.

If the bathroom’s are dirty or have no mirrors, that can also have a negative effect on your date.

In this segment of EmLovzTV, you’re going to learn why the Grove coffee shop and restaurant is one of my favorite date spots in San Francisco.

Hey guys, it’s Emyli and you’re watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract the perfect partner.

The Grove is the type of place you don’t just “walk-by.” I saw it for the first time when I was walking home from an event and, although I wasn’t hungry, I still had to go in and get a good look at the place.

The first thing you see when you walk in are the giant trees centered in the middle of the room, all hung with those festive little white lights that make you feel like celebrating something, heck, even if its just to celebrate Tuesday.

The service was fast and the cashiers, polite and helpful. When I went back for dinner with my boyfriend several days later, the lavender lemonade and beet salad with crumbled goat cheese arrived in 5 minutes and tasted divine!

Although, I was a little jealous when I saw what my boyfriend ordered, definitely not on the healthy menu, but nothing says comfort food like a deliciously flaky, over-sized chicken pot-pie.

What I liked most about the food is how it tailored to both men and women, the health-conscious and the sinfully indulgent.

The Grove has three locations to choose from, Yerba Buena, Hayes Valley, and Fillmore.

If you want to avoid the high-stress of the 9-5 crowd, I would recommend meeting at the Hayes Valley or Fillmore locations. With their eclectic, neighborhood charm, Hayes Valley and Fillmore can set the right tone for a relaxing first date.

The Yerba Buena location can easily become over-run with fast-paced work-a-holic types, which doesn’t bode well for anyone who wants to get out of “work-mode.” Then again, this location can, at times, be the perfect choice… if you’re meeting during lunch or right after work.

The parking situation is a little rough but that’s nothing new for San Francisco. Here’s a tip: park at Mission and 4th in the covered parking lot across from the mall and walk over.

Listen-up guys: I need you to walk your date to her car after you’ve finished eating. While this parking lot is spacious and affordable, it is not ideal for safety.

Women have been trained to avoid large, dimly-lit, parking garages because many-a-criminal tends to frequent them. Be the gentleman she’s looking for and accompany her to her vehicle, or offer to drive her home.

And now you know where to go for a first date on a rainy day in San Francisco.

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Now I want to hear from you! Tell me about your favorite date spot in San Francisco in the comments below.

Thanks so much for watching EmLovzTV and keep up the good work because you deserve the perfect partner.

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