Best Way To Start A Conversation With Beautiful Women (Use These Lines)

Best Way To Start A Conversation With Beautiful Women (Use These Lines)

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There are many ways to start a conversation with a girl. And, how you are going to start a conversation with women is largely going to depend on the level of your game. So, you need to watch this video to better understand what exactly is your current level of the game, and what conversation starters are best for you!

Now, there are 4 levels of game:
1. Unconscious incompetence
This is a newbie level of the game. If you’ve never approached a woman, and learned any techniques, the best thing to do when starting conversations with women is to literally go talk to a girl and not think about it. That’s going to make you feel awkward, but that is honestly the best way to start. Otherwise, you will just be overwhelmed with crazy amount of lines or information, and you won’t end up achieving anything. You have to take it slow.

Best openers in this part of your game or dating life is to simply say:

“Hey, my name is….!”
“Hey… nice to meet you…”

It’s simple, to the point, and doesn’t require any thinking.

2. Conscious incompetence
This is a period when you basically learn what you are good at and what you are bad at in attraction. That’s when you realize that you can actually learn to become better and more attractive to women. You are gonna start learning more lines, more techniques to start conversation with women when you meet them for the first time…

And, this is where most of the learning is going to happen! That’s where you can learn from my and from other YouTube channels, or from my free trainings
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You’re going to use less awkward lines:
“Hey! I need an opinion on something…”
Or some other random lines to get her attention.

3. Conscious competence
When you actually START SEEING RESULTS. You know exactly what you need to do in order to attract her. You know what to say, you know what to do with your body language…. and you are getting amazing results.

You are able to attract beautiful women, but you have to THINK how to do it. It’s not natural. It works, but it’s not natural.

The things you’re gonna be saying are going to come off from your vibe, and you are naturally going to be able to start a conversation with a woman. There are no pick up lines you’re going to memorize or say… because you will have more experience with it form many times you’ve done it before.

4. Unconscious competence
The MASTERY LEVEL of seduction. At this level, you are able to attract women without thinking about what to say to a girl. You fully embody who you are, and you are being your authentic self without thinking the things to say to a girl. However, the most difficult part of that state is that you don’t talk to all the girls that you would have previously talked to. You ONLY feel that energy, that vibe and that passion to talk to that girl when you see a girl you ACTUALLY want. Like, “a 9 or a 10”. Otherwise, you are picky. You are not interested in most women, but you are ONLY interested in the TOP LEVEL women who are at your level.

At that level, you need to stop using conversations starters. You don’t have to think or fear to be rejected. You come off from a position of abundance. It’s a complete change. You have no attachment and if you don’t like the girl, you are able to walk away in split of a second and not worry about it. That’ the ATTRACTION MASTERY LEVEL of game, as you are living in full abundance and able to attract the best women for you.

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