Black Girl Dating A South Indian- Blindian Relationship

Black Girl Dating A South Indian- Blindian Relationship

Shoutout to Asahi Beer for inspiring this video. Here I answer why, as a black woman, am I dating a South Indian man. South Indians have such a rich and beautiful cultures. Africans and Indians have a lot in common but because of colonization, Indians suffer from the disease of racism. Those who do not have this are beautiful human beings. My boyfriend is one of those beautiful people. We met, we fell in love and this is my video of our blindian relationship. I love him very much and he loves me. In a supportive and loving environment, any relationship will thrive regardless of race!

African women, be very careful when choosing your partner. If he does not respect and understand your struggles as a black woman, do not waste your time. If you are in love with an Indian man, make sure he introduces you to his family early on. If he does not introduce you to his family, he is not serious about you.

Having said that, indian men and women are very generous, kind and when they love they love hard! But ladies, just like every man out there, be careful who you give your heart to. Make sure they are the right one!

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