Brian Begin on "Intimate Conversations" w/Allana Pratt – Becoming Confident | Becoming FEARLESS Ep10

Brian Begin on "Intimate Conversations" w/Allana Pratt – Becoming Confident | Becoming FEARLESS Ep10

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt interviews FEARLESS founder, Brian Begin, on her show “Intimate Conversations” about his journey, confidence, romantic connection, and more.

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Allana talks with Brian about going from having social anxiety and self-esteem issues to the point of agoraphobia (afraid to leave the house) to where he is now in life and his relationships. They talk about truly getting out of your head, building genuine confidence, creating sexual tension and connections, and more.

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More from Allana:
“This week on Intimate Converstations Live, Brian Begin and I talked about oh so much juicy and enlightening topics! From body and soul, to getting out of your own spinning mind.

Brian is such an amazing man and I am so incredibly honored to have had this opportunity to talk with him. You absolutely will not want to miss this interview!

Brian Begin is the founder of FEARLESS. Brian helps students build deep, elite levels of confidence that allow them to achieve success and connect with people at degrees they never believed possible. He is passionate about guiding people in the pursuit of their “dream life.” Brian does this by helping them get underneath the layers of social conditioning and (often unconscious) fears they’’ve picked up throughout life to find their most authentic, FEARLESS selves.

Brian specializes in presence work: getting people “out of their heads” (over-analysis) and into a deeper, more conscious relationship with their bodies. This helps students eliminate the noise of their minds and identify the true insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. They can then strip all that away to build authentic confidence, be more present to connect with others at profound levels, and find the drive to achieve world-class success. Dating is just one of the specialties at FEARLESS – the confidence and other internal work Brian has created is truly universal and often focused on career and other areas of life.

Brian grew up in a family that struggled with finances and moved often. He found himself shy to the point of agoraphobia-afraid to leave the house-with much of his adolescence spent by himself. It wasn’t until he was 21 that Brian had any success with women, and even then he was a consummate people-pleasing “Mr Nice Guy;” unaware that he was actually being “nice” to get people (especially women) to validate and like him.

It was his first heartbreak that spurred Brian to throw himself into personal development and become a social scientist…he spent nearly two decades studying naturally confident men, reading every personal growth book he could get his hands on, and seeking out many high-level mentors and coaches.” Read Brian’s full bio:

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