Creative Date Idea #36 YeeHaw Its Rodeo Time | Say No to Netflix and Chill

Creative Date Idea #36 YeeHaw Its Rodeo Time | Say No to Netflix and Chill

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In this video I have another creative date idea for you. Do you struggle to come up with fun different date ideas? Always revert back to dinner and a movie or “Netflix and Chill” as your date idea? That is why I wrote a book called “101 Creative Dates: Ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic”. I compiled a list of 101 different date ideas to help up your dating game. Whether you are married or single, there is something for everyone.

That brings us to this date idea #36 YeeHaw It’s Rodeo Time

Rodeos are very entertaining; you get to see barrel raises, bull riding, calf roping, etc. Everyone is dressed up like a cowboy or cowgirl—it’s a lot of fun. Rodeos usually aren’t expensive to attend, either and usually cost a little more than a full-priced movie. If your date is a big country fan, surprise them by going to the rodeo.

What you need for this date:

It is pretty easy to find out where the nearest rodeo is going to be by looking online. If you happen to live in another country and are reading this book, maybe find an activity that would be similar.

My experience with this date:

I had the opportunity to go to my first rodeo one summer. There were a couple of girls that lived in our apartment complex, and they just “happened” to have extra tickets, so they invited us to go with them. I had my reservations about this whole rodeo idea, but since it was going to be free and I had nothing better to do, I decided to go.

We arrived near the rodeo and had to park about a quarter of a mile away because the parking lot was super packed. My spirits lifted when I saw all sorts of cute girls walking around. I couldn’t believe it was my first time coming to one of these. We found our seats and the rodeo began. I had a blast. I didn’t think it would be that fun, but it was extremely entertaining. I think the coolest thing was when they were bull riding, and also at the end of the rodeo they had motocross guys jumping in the air doing tricks.

Then it started raining. That wasn’t really fun. I’m kind of like a cat: I hate the rain. But all in all, the rain didn’t spoil the overall fun, and I ultimately got a night out with cute girls, outside and loving it. Not a bad way to spend the evening.

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