Creative Date Idea #49 Rooftop Dinner | Say No to Netflix and Chill

Creative Date Idea #49 Rooftop Dinner | Say No to Netflix and Chill

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It’s Friday, that means it’s date night. In this episode, I have another creative date idea for you from my book 101 Creative Dates: Ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic. Up next is creative date idea #49 Rooftop Dinner. Do you struggle to come up with fun different date ideas? Always revert back to dinner and a movie or “Netflix and Chill” as your date idea? Maybe you are looking for romantic things to do for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.? I compiled a list of 101 different date ideas to help up your dating game. Whether you are married or single, there is something for everyone.

That brings us to this date idea #49 Rooftop Dinner

Everyone knows that candlelight dinners are classic romantic dates. Or maybe you’ve lived in a cave and you have no idea what a hit they can be. But don’t take my word for it . . . find out for yourself.
In order to make it a bit more interesting, set up a candlelight dinner on top of a roof. And don’t risk death—it must be a flat roof, for obvious reasons. Depending on the location, this will be a very romantic date. You could even hire someone to play a musical instrument while you eat, like the violin, or have a friend come do it. Also, make sure to have flowers for your date as a centerpiece that she can take home afterward, and if you feel so inclined, dance with her under the stars—not too close to the edge, though!

What you need for this date:

You’ll need a roof that you can do this on—a flat one. You’ll find them on top of businesses and office buildings for the most part, although occasionally you’ll find a home with it. The reason why this idea is cool is not just because of the awesome ambiance, but also because girls appreciate the time and effort that a guy has put into the date. So set up a table on the roof, and try and bring some lighting, like twinkling white lights. String them up for some added romance. Depending on the location, you can do this at sunset, or wait until dark.

My commentary on this date:

When I was a teenager, I would say around fourteen or fifteen, I came home from my friend’s house and wanted to know where my older brother was. I asked my mom and she said that he was on the roof. I said okay, I thought maybe he was playing basketball and the ball got stuck up there, knowing, my parents’ house has a flat roof. Anyways, I climbed up the ladder and there’s my brother, setting up a candlelight dinner for a girl that he liked. I thought he was weird. But of course I was naïve and she loved it. I can’t remember if they ended up dating, but he didn’t end up marrying her.

But even though that girl didn’t work out for him, the date was still magical. My brother had a knack for coming up with creative romantic dates; some of my inspiration and ideas have come from him and his experiences.

You can find dates 1 through 48 here on my channel. 🙂

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