Dab Dates in Los Angeles (GPEN)

Dab Dates in Los Angeles (GPEN)

We went on a date all throughout LA….and dabbed the entire time ahahhahahaha. (intended for the 18 & over)

This is Dab Dates in Los Angeles (GPEN)

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Stoner Dottie and I go on dates all the time and we smoke like trains before we go…sometimes we get dirty looks when we walk into restaurants because we smell like weed….meanwhile people are getting black out drunk at their table and no one says anything!
We want to show everyone that you CAN have a normal date and smoke mass amounts of hash ahhahaah.

We went with the G Pen Connect for the entire day…its just soo damn dope….we didnt have to torch or q tip anything. Hands down the easiest and fastest way to dab that I have found.

The swans at Echo Park I recommend ..its not often you can get on the water in the middle of LA… its hella fun !!!
The park by DTLA is amazing honestly… it has the view and actual grass ahahaha…I dont want to give away anything else though….just peep the video 🙂

Thank you so much for watching Dab Dates in Los Angeles (GPEN)