Dating 101 – You Will Fail Sometimes

Dating 101 – You Will Fail Sometimes

THE 40 YEAR OLD DATER EPISODE 07: Dating Experiences
Women aren’t the only ones with horrible dating experiences, here’s some of mine:

– WIVES that act single but i can Never go to their house for some reason, then a quick facebook search… SHIT she’s married! But they usually reply “is that a problem?” #gangsta

– virgins that think dating a man with a high sex drive is smart. It’s a #metoo case waiting to happen #nahimgood

– only date men who make more than $100k. No bs this is what she said at the dinner table so I told her, “I guess you’re just practicing bc I don’t make that” then she got drunk and hinted to having sex in the bathroom… smh women I tell ya

– No car in 2019??? Do I look like Uber?

– No apartment still living with ex. Soo… how’s this gonna work? Bc I’m the type to bust her down so he can hear #itswrongiknow

– Women that wanted me to wait until they were comfortable enough to be themselves. So I should deal with their fake self until they’re ready to normal? What planet is this ok on… Earth

– Looking for a free meal. No convo. No connection. No fun. But says “let’s do this again” after the bill comes back $80 and she didnt have to say a word

– live more than 90 minutes away and claim “that’s really not that far tho” #FOH

– doesn’t drink but meets men at bars to “have a drink” …I was hella confused

– expects sex after the first date. I’m not that easy, but thanks for the compliment BUT when you say NO to a woman it’s the end of the world

– Walmart runs, I thought it was a great idea and very practical. Nah I was judged for it… every time lol

– Saying “dutch” at a dinner table is a sin bc women don’t expect to pay for dinners tho they believe in equality? Where’s that “a woman can do anything a man can do” energy? #sheforgot

– a mute (she didn’t talk)… all she did was stare at me like Lupita’s doppelganger in the movie US

– the needy… needs 3 texts + a phone call every day

– the confused “I don’t know who I am” type, so she’s always defensive or wants you to support her multiple personalities. One young lady was interracial but claimed to hate white people… so I said “but your mom is white” it was downhill from there

– 30 partners in 3 years (and yes I was 31, and yes she was good) #fuqit I don’t judge lol

– miserable for no reason…I mean wake up miserable just to complain about others. And yes they were Jamaican (not to say theres some kind of correlation *sips Guinness with a Heineken and Canei on the side*)

– still wants their ex but doesn’t know it…SMH one set me up to make her ex jealous. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve been mad or honored

– doesn’t like anything outdoors, everything involves a bar or club. WTF the world is bigger than this I swear

– the after one date, “what are we? Let’s not waste time” type. One date and they’re asking to move in, bring me to family functions, tell their coworkers i’m their new man, baby and marriage talk…. ONE. FUCKING. DATE.

– Multiple catfish (hence why men, especially me, ask for pictures now)… one wasn’t even the same complexion then when I asked why she light skin in pictures but a beautiful mocha chocolate in person, she said “must be the lighting”

– I just moved here from Italy, Dominican Republic, Middle East, etc… don’t know English but know how to ask for money tho. And yes they’re quick to use sex as a means to get it. Im tired of being broke

Watch to see the rest…

Hang in there. But please do what works for you best because only you know what’s best for you.
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