DATING ADVICE: How to identify a clear rejection? (DATING ADVICE FOR GUYS)

DATING ADVICE: How to identify a clear rejection? (DATING ADVICE FOR GUYS)

DATING ADVICE: How to identify a clear rejection? (DATING ADVICE FOR GUYS)

She didn’t say “yes” or “no.” How do you know when you’ve been definitively rejected? Miss Singlefied gives you some common examples.

Identifying rejection is really tough when your feelings are in the way. Any 3rd party stranger can tell you easily if you’ve been rejected or not. But when you’re in the situation yourself, you make excuses for yourself or the other person. You can twist facts and stories to make it seem like it’s not a rejection. The point is, when watching this video, there’s no need to make excuses or to defend your situation. A lot of you will go into this thinking, “this doesn’t describe me,” or “but she didn’t mean it like that.” The best way for you to approach this video is to have an outer body experience. Sounds crazy right? Really, do it, remove yourself from yourself. Get out of your head. Pretend you’re standing on a hill watching your life and what’s going on in your situation. This will help you form a somewhat objective opinion on what is really going on.

Ask your dating questions at: or tweet @SinglefiedYue. Yue Xu, aka Miss Singlefied, is an established dating coach for men from NYC, LA and Beijing. She is the founder and advocate of the SoberFirstKiss movement. #soberfirstkiss

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