Dating Coach Reacts To “Dating Around” (Part Two) | Attract Great Guys, Jason Silver

Dating Coach Reacts To “Dating Around” (Part Two) | Attract Great Guys, Jason Silver

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Part 1 of Dating Around Reaction:

00:31 – Is chivalry attractive?
1:00 – Should you make sexual jokes on a first date?
1:32 – How do you respond when he makes sexual jokes?
2:20 – How do you greet someone on a date?
3:10 – What is the best conversation starter on a first date?
4:30 – The one question you shouldn’t ask on a date?
4:58 – How dominance turns off masculine men
5:55 – How to use seductive body language?
6:14 – How do you flirt without being too aggressive?
7:21 – How can you spot a player?
8:14 – Trying to win his validation
9:29 – Why you shouldn’t brag about yourself
10:28 – Become a winning team on a first date
11:28 – Controlling cringe & Luke’s obvious lie
12:28 – How to cold read a man on a date
13:26 – Simplest way to increase attraction
15:53 – The “dream” conversation that matters to men
16:18 – How to connect to a man’s inner dream
16:56 – How vulnerable should you be on a first date?
17:51 – Jason cold reading Victoria
18:40 – Jason breaking down a player’s confidence level
19:12 – A natural way to transition to a 2nd date
20:30 – Should I list all my accomplishments when asked what I do?
21:55 – How to check a man in a flirtatious, confident way

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