dating for life: christian dating tips | relationship advice

dating for life: christian dating tips | relationship advice

My friends are dating – some of them are going to far, I think. My parents tell me to wait, but how long do I have to wait? How far is too far? Does the Bible say there’s just one person for me? How far can I go without regretting it later? Do you need some Christian dating advice? Looking for some Christian dating tips?

The divorce rate is around 50% in western culture; this statistic is no longer a shocker. More disturbing than this reality, however, is the ease with which culture seems to have absorbed this trend. Incomes are being split, families are being divided and children are asked to choose which parent they want to live with. This presentation, intended for those of dating age, begins a discussion on the concept of dating. Addressing many of the tough issues facing young people today, Brett explores the concepts of culture, sex, and money and how these issues relate to Christian dating in a 21st-century world.

We need to look at how we as Christians can date better. Christian relationships are different as we come from a different worldview then much of society.

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