Episode 1 | Dating App-pocalypse | Girl On Girl

Episode 1 | Dating App-pocalypse | Girl On Girl

Host Hannah Witton and her guest Akilah Hughes discuss the end of dating as we know it, what they’re looking for in a relationship, how race informs online dating and how we’re all just a little politically incorrect. Find out what people on the streets of London think about dating apps and hear some of the best horror stories about online dating from “The Ex Files”.

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About Girl On Girl: The show format is simple: 2 girls/1 topic. But unlike that horrific viral video that we can never un-see, these videos feature Hannah Witton and one amazing guest talking about subjects we find challenging: Will I be able to “have it all?” Will I get kicked out of feminism if I get breast implants? Are dating apps the absolute death knell for womankind or actually the best thing ever?

Hannah will be talking to guests who will blow your minds with their minds — comedians, activists, educators, writers — guests like Akilah Hughes and Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, and together we’ll explore all the fantastic, uncomfortable (sometimes fantastically uncomfortable) aspects of being female.

In case you’re still wondering: “Is anyone going to take their clothes off?” Sorry, not on this show. Try Pornhub, PornTube, RedTube, etc, etc. The list *literally* never ends.

Girl on Girl invites opinionated women who are turned on by complex ideas to come together and challenge each other to see things fresh.

Episode 1 | Dating App-pocalypse | Girl On Girl Show
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