Fridays with Cardlin #10 Babies and kids and parents, oh my! [Questions and answers with Cardlin!]

Fridays with Cardlin #10 Babies and kids and parents, oh my! [Questions and answers with Cardlin!]

Questions answered this week:

What kind of parent do you think you will be? (from Nikki)
What’s your most viewed YouTube video? Why do you think people listened (or watched) it a lot?:)
If you ever had children and they knew about your audios, would you let them be in them if they asked? (from Pizookie)
When you first met your girlfriend in person, was it any different from your audios “meeting for the first time” or “you are everything I dreamed you would be”?
If you could save one person from the end of the world who would it be? (from Carly N)
Do you always have a set conversation in mind where there’s dialog in your audios, or do you just throw in whatever makes sense? (from Leah)
Do you like cake? If so what is you favorite type of cake?
Where do you stand on drug use and substance abuse? (from AngieBaby)
What would you do if you lost your girlfriend?? (from CandySunshine)
What is your stance on abortion? Are you for or against? (from Abbey)


Written and recorded by CardlinAudio

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