Guy Advice to Girls // THE "B" WORD

Guy Advice to Girls // THE "B" WORD

THEY’RE BACCCKKKKKK!! This series has been so HIGHLY REQUESTED since the last time I did this on my channel! You guys literally ate it right up! & Now that our “FaammmBaammm” has grown so much aka 11K+, I felt it was time to hit y’all with a Season 2 of the “Real Talk, Guy Talk” series! We got a couple old faces and a few new faces this time around so, we can bring a little more diversity and points of views to HBTV! I REALLY hope y’all enjoy and be sure to leave feedback/ comments below to LMK what other topics you’d like to hear discussed for next Season! Also, be sure to SHARE SHARE SHARE this series with your friends, family, and all over your social medias so we can make this a series blow up plus introduce others to this new creative genius I’m tryna bring to HBTV! Love y’all lots! Thanks for all the love and support and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!


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