How Do INTROVERTS Find Girlfriends? | 5 Ways to Find a Girlfriend as an Introvert

How Do INTROVERTS Find Girlfriends? | 5 Ways to Find a Girlfriend as an Introvert

Finding a girl can be quite difficult for introverts because they aren’t usually putting themselves in social circles like most extroverts.

So how do introverts find girlfriends? It’s going to require some effort, but it’s definitely possible and will definitely be worth it. Just follow these simple tips.

#1: You have to put yourself out there a little more

As hard or uncomfortable as it may be, you have to put yourself in front of people. You can do this by spending more time at the library, a coffee shop, or even church. Just get yourself out there in front of people so you have an opportunity to meet a girl.

#2: Ask people to introduce you

Chances are, you have friends of friends. Ask some of your friends to introduce you to one of their “girl” friends or hook you up.

#3: Do an activity where socializing isn’t the main focus.

For example, you could join a hobby class such as pottery, photography, or even a language class. You could even volunteer at your local food bank or somewhere where other people are hanging out. This will open the door for meeting womena and other people who know ‘other’ people.

#4: Hang out with your extroverted friends more.

Extroverts know where to go to meet people. They can make it easier to getting out and growing your social circle a little bit more.

#5: Join an online dating website or app.

This is ideal for most introverts. You can get to know someone without ever seeing them face to face. When the time is right, then you can schedule a time to meet in person, avoiding the whole social gathering thing.

Remember: finding a girlfriend as an introvert is possible, and enlarging your social circle to do so will get easier with a little practice.

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