How much I spend on dating

How much I spend on dating

Lets go over how much I spend on dating, and cover some of the best frugal date ideas that you can do to save money – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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First, we’ll start with the cheapest date idea out there: The Free Event
Every single location out there has free events several times a week that you can just show up to. In Los Angeles, they have free concerts on the Pier. They have art walks. They have free museum days. They have free carnivals. They have food truck meet ups. The options here are literally never ending.

Second: Go to a cafe and people watch $
Yes, this means actually going and spending money on coffee…which I cringe at a little bit because I HATE spending money on coffee…but lets be real, when you calculate the cost per hour in terms of experience, doing this is really inexpensive.

Third, a personal favorite date idea of mine is to skip the dinner, skip the drinks, and literally just go straight for dessert.
Here’s my thinking: on a first date, it’s JUST about getting to know the other person…and going all out for dinner and drinks is an expensive way to find out if it’s a good match. So instead, just go straight for dessert…first of all, it’s a fun unique idea. Second of all, everyone loves dessert. Third, it can be a memorable, fun experience. And fourth, it’s way cheaper than dinner.

Fourth, if you want to go for the typical dinner date – you can still do that, on a budget, by going to one of those really good hole-in-the-wall-spots.

Here’s the thing: those hole in the wall spaces are usually REALLY REALLY good, there’s usually a REALLY cool story behind how you found that spot in the first place…and, obviously, they’re typically inexpensive.

And finally, if you ARE going to go all out with a dinner and drinks…at least do me a favor and do it on a budget, and that would be on a happy hour.

Ongoing Date Ideas:

Go for a hike!
You have some great conversation, you get some exercise, and you enjoy each others company. The cost for that is $0

Plus, it’s fun just to cook food with someone else…it becomes much more like a fun experience than it does just a routine of sitting down and eating dinner at some restaurant. And it’s also more personal and enjoyable because you cooked it yourself.

Build something from IKEA.
Ideally, this should cost you NOTHING extra because you’d just be buying normal stuff from IKEA anyway…and, if anything, now you SAVE money because you can enlist the help of your significant other to help you build it for free.

And fourth, if you want a fun frugal date idea that you can also spin off as being romantic – go for a picnic.
This is a perfect blend between going to a restaurant…but also cooking at home…for the price of cooking at home. Plus, picnics are fun and it doesn’t seem like people ever do them anymore.

And finally, if you’re going to go out to a restaurant and want that whole experience…you might want to look into splitting a meal.
JUST MAKE SURE, if you do this, that both of you can agree on what to get – and make sure you have a similar taste in foods.

And beyond that, anything else you could do for “dates” is pretty much just up your imagination…go check out some car shows for free, pick a really good show on Netflix to binge watch, go make fun of crazy threads on Reddit, go check out antique shops or farmers markets…you don’t need to absolutely shun spending money, but you can still have such amazing experiences without totally making yourself go broke!

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