How to Attract an Older Woman than You (Dating Advice for Men 2019)

How to Attract an Older Woman than You (Dating Advice for Men 2019)

How to Attract an Older Woman than You

Dating an older woman than you are isn’t the same as dating someone your own age or younger.

However, when you understand what older women look for when dating a younger man, you’ll be able to tailor your approach and seduction strategy more effectively.

The key points in how to attract an older woman than you really does have everything to do with age difference and where she’s at in life compared to where you’re at.

Plus, there are two types of older women who date younger men.

You want to make sure you know which type you’re dealing with because being attractive to older women will partially be determined by which type SHE is.

A lot of guys have dating a cougar or MILF on their bucket list and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Cougars and MILFs need loving, too. But be careful because the risks can be higher when dating older women!

Have you ever dated an older woman? What happened? I love reading your stories in the comments!!

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p.s. Older women who have not been bitten by the bitter bug can be your best friend and lover; can teach you a trick or two (in and out of the bedroom); and if on the market for a younger lover, will appreciate you and make you feel like the most desirable man alive. Try it, you might like it. 😉

Disclaimer: Anna is an older woman but isn’t a shrink or professional therapist. Information provided is for entertainment purposes. You are responsible for you own actions. Obey the law.