How to Cook a Romantic Dinner & Get Sexy Results

How to Cook a Romantic Dinner & Get Sexy Results

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Step 1: Put out salami and cheese
Start with a platter of salami and cheese as nibbles. Both contain phenylethylamine, the euphoria-inducing chemical your body produces when you fall in love.

Brie cheese contains a fatty acid that makes women secrete a scent that triggers a powerful sexual response in both men and women.

Step 2: Start with oysters
Serve oysters as the first course. They’re loaded with zinc, which may increase testosterone levels and promote vaginal lubrication.

Step 3: Serve fish
Prepare salmon, tuna, catfish, flounder, grouper, cod, or snapper as the entree. All are high in L-arginine, an amino acid that may boost sexual function. Sprinkle on some crushed pecans to add a dose of zinc.

Avoid serving meat. It’s difficult to digest, so it leaves diners sluggish. Plus, one study found that the smell of flame-broiled meat reduces blood flow to the vagina!

Step 4: Serve sensual sides
Serve sensual side dishes that you can eat with your fingers, visually stimulating your partner. Try asparagus dressed with butter, almond-stuffed figs, or a whole artichoke.

Go easy on the booze. Alcohol may put you in the mood, but too much will make the follow-through more difficult.

Step 5: Choose the right dessert
End the meal with pumpkin pie or doughnuts if your guest is male. If you’re entertaining a female, serve a dessert that smells like licorice, such as anise cake. Studies have indicated these aromas increase blood flow south in the respective sexes.

If you’re expecting your dinner date to spend the night, have cinnamon buns on hand for breakfast: A study found that some men found women more attractive when they smelled cinnamon in the air.

Step 6: Pour tea
Serve ginseng tea with dessert instead of coffee. Some Asian cultures traditionally prescribe ginseng as a sex-drive enhancer.

Step 7: Offer some chocolate
Open a box of chocolates. Besides containing the love chemical PEA, chocolate has a small amount of cannabinoids, the same chemical compounds that give marijuana its relaxing properties. Is there a tastier way to put you both in the mood?

Did You Know?
Legend has it that ladies’ man Casanova began each day with 50 oysters–which he ate off his mistress’s breasts!