How to DM a Girl on Instagram The Right Way [2019]

How to DM a Girl on Instagram The Right Way [2019]

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How do you message a girl on Instagram and GET HER?

Wouldn’t that be the dream? Message that smoking hot girl on Instagram and then tomorrow she flies out to see you and sucks your cock like a god then becomes your girlfriend….

Yeah, it is a dream.

Unless your Instagram game is AMAZING, that’s not going to happen.

You can’t just lazily message girls, “Hey,” and expect that they’re going to drop their life and come see you.

You need to be someone worth talking to and then someone worth meeting.

The best way to start that process that will get her to meet you is to send her a GREAT first message.

What message should you send?

Depends on a few different variables.

Do you know her already? Or she’s a completely random girl? And if she’s random, does she at least know your profile or has she never even known you exist?

I’ll show how you to do it no matter who it is.

Watch and learn.


Video Details:

01:30 – You need a good SET UP

04:00 – A girl you know in real life will of course more likely respond than some random girl you never met

05:15 – The strategies for messaging girls you do know and those you DON’T know

05:50 – A quick tip for getting her Instagram, especially with girls with HUGE follower counts

07:00 – A simple first message


09:15 – If too much time passes between setting up the date and the day of the date, make sure to keep in touch

11:10 – The biggest sign that a girl likes you is her watching your stories consistently

12:30 – I have so many issues with being a public PUA, so it’ll be even EASIER for you to get action with girls on Instagram

16:20 – How high follower count instagram hoes get you to THINK you have a chance



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