How To Make A Man Addicted To You | Dating Tips

How To Make A Man Addicted To You | Dating Tips

Why men pull away

Best Tip How To Make A Man Addicted To You.
1. Be independent.
Free and autonomous women impress (sometimes even intimidate) men! This causes some admiration.
Show him that you are taking charge, that you move, see your friends etc.
In other words, avoid sticking it! Show him that you do not need him to exist and to take care of you.
2. Do not look desperate.
This is your first relationship for months? You dream of being able to marry you as your cousin Fernande last week?
In short, do you want to get stuck at all costs? Above all, do not let anything appear, at the risk of making him flee.
Live the relationship day by day, without putting pressure on it.
At first, he will need to know you, to be well with you, to be able to envisage a lasting history.
3. Do not respond immediately to your messages.
This council is divided into two subcategories:
rule number 1: Do not write to him first.
Rule number 2: Do not respond right away when sending you a text message.
Not only will this stop you from writing something impulsive that you might regret afterwards.
Secondly, it is an effective way to make you desire: he will wonder why you do not answer,
if he has disturbed you, if you have better things to do than answer him …
Rule 3 which goes with two do not call it at any end of the field every ten minutes!
4. Make it jealous (in small doses).
At the genesis of a story, titillating the partner’s jealousy can be a good way to spice things up.
The idea is to show him that if he loses you, you will not have too much trouble to replace him!
Be careful, do not overdo by dragging everything that moves: he will wonder what you play and will get tired of you.
5. Stay away (… but not too much either).
When you are two in public, avoid sticking to it, covering it with kisses and calling it “rabbit” … As a general rule,
boys are less demonstrative than girls in public and they are more likely to feel embarrassed,
smothered …. Especially if it’s in front of their friends! Be distant and let it come to you.
Again, do not apply this advice too much: a girl too distant may look haughty and inaccessible.
6. Keep a little mystery.
There is nothing more annoying than a girl who tells all her life, even intimate,
from the beginning and in the smallest details. Do not disclose too much about yourself,
entertain a little mystery to make him want to discover you.
It’s well known, mysterious women are more attractive … and intriguing.
7. Surprise him.
Do not play all your cards in one go. Thus you will continue to astonish him with the son of days.
It’s a fact: what creates routine in a couple is boredom. Play the elusive woman:
for example, in boyfriend mode full of one-day spread, reserved and flirtatious / glamorous another day.
He must realize that you are a multifaceted girl, full of hidden talents!
8. Do not force things.
Finally, do not be too demanding or disappointed if it does not work between you.
Love can not be commanded. You can dance on your head: if you do not like it, you do not like it.
And that’s all. If it is not the right one, you will know it quickly and you will find another, just as quickly!


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