If This Were Our Last Conversation… | {THE AND}

If This Were Our Last Conversation… | {THE AND}

Take the time to have real conversations this holiday season with {THE AND} relationship card game:

Participants from our recent productions answer the question “If this were to be our last conversation, what’s one thing you’d never want me to forget?”. What would YOU say to a loved one if you knew it would be the last thing you could tell them?

Check out the full conversations:

Handling Our Cultural Differences | {THE AND} Sara & Rondell

We Fought the Law for Our Love | {THE AND} Jon & Michael

Painful Confessions for a Mother to Hear | {THE AND} Jenny & Gerard

Exes Discuss Getting Back Together | {THE AND} Briana & Amber

Formerly Incarcerated Husband Admits Biggest Regret | {THE AND} Vanda & David

Granddaughter Opens Up About Her Depression | {THE AND} Hollis & Marianne (Part 1)

Fearless Grandma Shares Lessons | {THE AND} Holden & Pat

Coming soon:
{THE AND} Lex & Jonathan
{THE AND} Atiya & Stephanie
{THE AND} Carter & Nic round 2
{THE AND} Layla & Yasmine
{THE AND} Lande & Xavier
{THE AND} Sharmane & Anissa
{THE AND} Thomas & Daniel
{THE AND} Ajia & Sean
{THE AND} Mignon & Aaron
{THE AND} MaryV & Chella round 2
{THE AND} Deon & Alexander
{THE AND} Sandra & Lisa

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If This Were Our Last Conversation… | {THE AND}
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