Learn Pashto Phrases – Dating via Videos by GoLearningBus(4F)

Learn Pashto Phrases – Dating via Videos by GoLearningBus(4F)

In this video we will learn Pashto Phrases for Dating. To access quizzes, cards and more please visit www.GoLearningBus.Com

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We will explore following Pashto Phrases in this video:

Would you like to do something tonight?
Yes I’d love to
Sorry I can’t
Would you like a drink?
Can I buy you a drink?
Let’s dance
You look beautiful!
I’m here with my girlfriend/boyfriend
Excuse me I have to go now
You’re good-looking
I want to get to know you better
Can I kiss you?
Can I stay over?
Where would you like to go?
I’m busy
Sure thanks
Haven’t we met before?
Perhaps some other time
I’m not interested
You’re very nice
Do you like me too?
I’m interested in you
I love you
Are you seeing someone now?
She/He’s just a friend
Can I see you again?
I want to stay in touch
I don’t think it’s working out
I want to stay friends
I want to break up
I’m in love with you

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