LESBIAN ONLINE DATING: Your First Date! (Lesson 5)

LESBIAN ONLINE DATING: Your First Date! (Lesson 5)

Your First Date (Lesson 5)

This is the fifth video in the series if you haven’t already please go watch Lesson 0 about Online Dating Safety and the rest of the videos as well.

Dates are the most important thing when it comes to dating. That’s why it’s called dating ok yeah. But this is still important to know because dates are what lead to relationships, marriages, fobs, hookups, and all that stuff you are looking for to build a special connection with a woman. At this time in the video you should have already done what was explained in the last video: planned a date and focused on an activity.

The date that you make should be the following things:

close to home: it should be easy for you to bring her home right after the date.
If she stands you up: it should be easier for you to get home safely
should be cheap and fun: no need to go out somewhere fancy. Plus you can also weed out girls who are into gold digging behavior. You’re there to get to know someone, not impress them. You should have already impressed them with your online dating profile and your conversation. No need to go the extra mile- save it for someone worth it.

While on the date you’re going to want to talk about stuff! Talk about your strengths, passions, and positive things about yourself. Make sure that you are also asking questions about her- it should be roughly 50/50 conversation going back and forth. Everyone should be contributing and feeling valued.

If you’re nervous, you shouldn’t be. She’s on the date to get to know you. Focus on having a good time. Assume the interaction will go well, assume that she likes you, assume that everything is going fine. It’s also ok to disagree sometimes. Agreeing on things just to get you laid doesn’t get you in the door. Be a person- speak up when you disagree but keep it polite, kind, and respectful. Always be kind and respectful.

If you are catfished you can just dismiss yourself. It’s OK to be upfront and honest. Why waste the time of a girl you aren’t into? You aren’t going to see her again, why sit down for one date and waste their time and money too. Pull them aside and explain that you’re not interested, and leave. Life is short, don’t waste someone else’s time.

If things are going very well you can start escalating and flirting and building attraction to get ready to take her home. Which I will discuss in the next video.

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