Mark Rosenfeld – Dating Coach Review # 1 "Great Dating Advice vs Bad Dating Advice" Reaction

Mark Rosenfeld – Dating Coach Review # 1 "Great Dating Advice vs Bad Dating Advice" Reaction

Mark Rosenfeld – Dating Coach Review # 1 “Great Dating Advice vs Bad Dating Advice” Reaction

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I like the fact that Mark Rosenfeld talks about authenticity unlike me he talks about being 100% genuine with people and I really believe that that advice comes from a good place. The problem is that with what he talks about, he’s acting like men all have good intentions.

For me, you can’t act 100% honest with people if you don’t know their intention to avoid manipulation and to avoid being attached to the wrong guy.

“The dating advice that you receive should be based on love and respect for men.” – Mark Rosenfeld

First of all, the advice you get should always be based on you and not based on another person. Put yourself first. People are slippery so initially, you shouldn’t trust people. Advice should be based on self-respect and what you need first.

I don’t like moral high ground. I’m here to get results. I don’t teach manipulative strategies to men, I don’t. I teach them strategies so they don’t get fucked with. For me, it’s all about self-preservation–not getting fucked with.

The thing is that the advice that you should get always have the basis of this: BEING WILLING TO WALK AWAY. Stop all this love bullshit because love is a transaction and people don’t want to understand that because it blows their little dreams of what love is. I’m not bitter about it but I’m just realistic. I wish it was the other way but it is what it is, unfortunately.

You should always ask “Is this advice putting me first?”. We’re human beings with selfish need and to act like we don’t have it causes you to redirect those selfish needs in passive-aggressive ways and you’ll resent the world because you thought people were nicer than they really were. You don’t wanna be in a state of resentment

Also, there’s nothing wrong with being mysterious. You got to let people earn you so don’t let everything about you be known instantly.

There are two kinds of people: 1. People who are realistic and 2. People who still live thinking that the world glistens like the sun. It’s not how it is. People are natural predators and they’ll gonna try to take advantage of you.

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