Mature Contacts – ATTRACTING MEN (part 1) – Dating for Mature Contacts

Mature Contacts – ATTRACTING MEN (part 1) – Dating for Mature Contacts

Dating for Mature Contacts,

So many women — especially senior women — are in search of Mr. Right. Women tend to live longer than men, so some women think that the pickings might be slim when you reach a certain age. This is far from the truth. There are ways to find and attract that special guy. But there are also obstacles that stand in your way.
First and foremost, you need to get rid of that extra baggage you’re carrying around with you. Past relationships can affect future relationships, but don’t let them. Many women have low self-esteem that can influence their attractive qualities that are naturally inside them. You need to change your way of thinking here and convince yourself that you’re worthy of a good relationship. Confidence is the ultimate sexy trait in women, but avoid being too confident. A little humility is sexy as well.
As a mature woman, you have many great qualities that you should embrace and use to your advantage. Remember when you were in the first throes of a new romance, all of a sudden you got hit on a lot? That’s because you radiated self-confidence; you were loved. Now, in your mature adult years, you should have plenty of self-confidence in your ability to balance a job, the ex, the kids, the bank account, the aging parents, friends, etc. Self-confidence is the biggest turn-on and once you’ve reached 50, you’ve got plenty of it.

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