Mistakes women make dating men

Mistakes women make dating men

To learn more about Mistakes women make dating men,
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A first date can cause much anxiety and excitement. Regardless of how you met, or if you’ll meet that day, every first date has the potential to become something more.
Recognize and avoid the most common mistakes women make during the first date:
1. You’re not the only star of the event.

A date must be for both since the point is to learn more about each other. Imagine if you’re on a date where the man speaks and talks about his life and did not ask

about yours. Wouldn’t it be boring? Do not do it either. Make sure it is a dialogue and not a monologue.
2. Do not overdo drinks.

Relationship expert Patty Stanger, of the program “Millionaire Matchmaker” has a policy that limits her clients to take no more than two drinks per date. This is a

good limit, you will not get drunk and you can keep a little mystery.
3. Do not talk constantly about your appearance.

All women like showing off, especially for a first date. But do not spend the entire date explaining every detail of your look and how you keep it. It is self-centered

and boring.
4. Do not bother him with his romantic past.

You may think that joking about the women in his life is funny, but he’ll think you’re unsure about yourself. Forget the “competition” and focus on the date.
5. Do not be so serious.

First dates should be fun and conversation should be interesting and lively. Do not talk about serious issues like politics. Flirt with him and talk about your

6. Do not ignore your feelings.

Sometimes when we are anxious during the date, we do not take the time to think about how we feel about the other person. Did he treat you right? Was he interested in

the conversation? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? If you spend the whole date trying to impress him, you may not realize that he may not be right person.
7. Do not take him at heart.

For some people dates are funny, and for some are terrible. Better to have a casual attitude and not take the possible rejection at heart. Most dates do not end with a

serious relationship, but that does not mean you can not have fun. If you have a bad date, do not worry as there will be others.
8. Do not pressure.

Prince Charming of the fairy tales does not exist and do not expect him to plan the most romantic date in your life. You should not ask him much about his long-term

plans if you’re talking about a relationship. Relax and remember that if it is written in the cards, will be a fact.
Remember: it is important to be positive!

To learn more about Mistakes women make dating men,
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