Movie Dating – Chivalry is still important! – Tips in Movie Dating

Movie Dating – Chivalry is still important!  – Tips in Movie Dating

Tips for Movie Dating,

Chivalry is still important!

Today’s generation is totally different from those 50-60 years ago. Is chivalry still important in today’s age and technology? In a recent online survey the following results were found:
• More than 90% of women still crave a gentleman. They want to meet someone who will treat them with respect.
• Women love a man to open the car door on a date. It makes them feel special.
• Men find it bothersome to stand up when a woman enters a room.
Are women considered high maintenance if they crave for some old fashioned attention? But who should women of the 21st century choose; a guy that shows exceptional manners during a date or someone who has similar interests?
Showing gentlemanly manner during the first date can definitely earn you points. But you don’t need to constantly stand-up every time a woman enters a room. You can show her that you are a gentleman by treating her, and others, with respect.
Today’s society is much more focused on equality. But girls will always love to be made to feel special. Therefore, chivalry, respect and good manners will always be important.

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