My Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend

My Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend

I’d been with my boyfriend, Colton, for a couple of years.

But then one day he told me he’d fallen out of love with me. It broke my heart but I loved him so much that I just wanted him to be happy. I mean, if I couldn’t make him happy, I’d rather he found someone who could.

We were still sharing an apartment though. My friends thought it was weird, but I hated living alone and I didn’t have the money to find a place by myself.

We still got along okay, but then Colton told me he needed some space, so he was going to spend the weekend with his parents.

Alone and feeling sorry for myself, I called my best friend, Christine, to ask if we could meet up, but she said she needed to look after her daughter because she had a fever. I offered to come over, but she said she didn’t want me to get sick too.

I ended up binge watching sad movies on Netflix all weekend.

Colton came back on Monday. He told me he’d hung out at his parents doing nothing, but when I took out the trash, I noticed some crumpled up zoo tickets for 2 adults and 1 kid.

It was so weird. He’d said he hadn’t gone anywhere, so why would he have zoo tickets? Even stranger, why would he have a kid’s ticket? Had he lied to me? Had he been on a date with a new girlfriend?

I told myself to stop thinking about it. I mean, it wasn’t my business. It was over between us. But I couldn’t stop wondering what if he’d broken up with me because he found someone else? What if he’d been seeing her behind my back?

I decided to do some detective work and bought a GPS tracker I could follow with an app on my cell. I knew it was wrong, illegal even, but I stuck the GPS tracker on the bottom of his car anyway. Now I could see wherever he went.

Everything was normal over the next few days. He went to work, he came home, like he always did. But on Friday he told me was visiting his family for the weekend again.

Showtime! I was about to find out where he really went.

As soon as he left, I got into my car. I opened the GPS tracker app and followed him, keeping my distance so he wouldn’t notice.

I thought I recognised the route and when he parked up, my heart dropped. We were right outside Christine’s place! It all made sense. That’s why I’d found the kid’s zoo ticket.

I told myself it was just a coincidence. Maybe he was just stopping by on the way to his folks. I had to actually see them together to be 100% sure, so I parked my car close to the building so I could watch the entrance.

It took 3 hours of waiting, but eventually I saw all 3 of them coming out together and my ex-boyfriend was holding hands with my ex-best friend. It really hurt to see them all together.

I’m not the kind of person to make a big scene, so I didn’t confront them. What would be the point? It wouldn’t change anything. Instead, I drove home and lost myself in a tub of ice cream.

I don’t know if there’s some lesson in this story. I’m looking for a new apartment though and when I move, I’ll surround myself with more honest people.

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