Never Be Blinded By the 5 Lies Men Tell Women

Never Be Blinded By the 5 Lies Men Tell Women

In this video you will learn the 5 biggest lies that men tell women. So if you’re dating a man and find it difficult to fully trust and believe what he tells you, then this is a video you must watch. I am also going to tell you how you can figure out if your man is being sincere with his feelings for you or if he is manipulating you to get what he wants.

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As we talked about in other videos, the most common type of lies that men tell women are lies of omission. These lies are when a person leaves out or omits an important piece of information when they tell you something. Lies like… When a man you’re dating just happens to forget to tell you that he has another girlfriend…

or when your boyfriend tells you about a great new restaurant where he is having lunch, but leaves out the part that he is on a date with another woman. Yeah… those are lies of omission and are often used when a person fears the consequences of you knowing the whole truth..

but today, we are going to talk about bold face lies or lies of commission… These are Lies that are created to manipulate or fool another person for some personal gain.. The purpose of the lie is to cause you to believe something that isn’t true and manipulate the situation to his benefit.. So a man will lie to make himself look better, or lie about the way he feels to win you over..

Yes.. these lies are manipulative and hurtful, but they are also easy to spot..

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