NEW! Show Me, Tell Me Questions 2019: UK driving test questions

NEW! Show Me, Tell Me Questions 2019: UK driving test questions

All the show me, tell me questions

All the questions, all the answers and full explanations for your practical UK driving test. Questions based on a Ford Fiesta.

These are the new ‘show me, tell me’ questions for the 2019 driving test.

You will be asked one tell me question and one show me question. You won’t fail your driving test for answering one of the questions wrong but you will get a driving fault (for answering one or both questions incorrectly). You can get a serious or dangerous fault if you lose control of the car when answering the ‘show me’ question.

You’ll be asked one ‘tell me’ question at the start of the driving test before you begin driving and one ‘show me’ question whilst you’re driving.

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Will I fail my driving test for answering the show me, tell me questions incorrectly?
No you won’t, you’ll get one driving fault. Unless you lose control of the car when answering the ‘show me’ question.

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