Parenting Tips: Talking About Sex and Relationships More Comfortably – Planned Parenthood

Parenting Tips: Talking About Sex and Relationships More Comfortably – Planned Parenthood

Parents – it’s our job to talk to our teens about sex, relationships, girlfriends, boyfriends, and more! Bringing up these topics when talking to your teenager may not always be easy, but everyday life provides lots of opportunities to discuss them in a more comfortable way.

When watching a TV show that shows a young adult going out on a date, hearing a song about domestic violence, or discussing someone who is pregnant, we can use these to initiate conversations with our teens. A teachable moment can occur every day, and can be a conversation starter.

How will you talk to your teen about sex? Text “TALK2TEEN” to 69866 to let us know what you plan to do.

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FATHER: So, even though tons of parents have talked to their teens about sex, our teens aren’t always that comfortable talking to us. We’ve got to get them talking so we can help keep them safe and healthy.

Here are a few tips:
– Don’t just talk, listen!
– Be respectful; treat your teen like an emerging adult.
– Show that you understand their point of view.
– Saying out loud that it’s uncomfortable can help ease things a bit.

Alright, so here’s an example of how this could go down. Let’s say you’re in your car, when a song comes on the radio. This is a teachable moment. You can say something like…

FATHER TALKING TO DAUGHTER: Wow, that song’s pretty intense. It sounds like she’d never leave her boyfriend, even though he seems like a jerk. What do you think?

[teen mumbles, shrugging shoulders]

FATHER: I know it’s just a song, but it’s so easy to hear words like that and not even question them. I feel like it sends the message that it’s okay to be involved in that kind of relationship. But it’s definitely not okay. Do you know anyone in a relationship like that?

[teen mumbles]

FATHER: Hm, it sounds like it’s a good thing they broke up. Hey, I know it might feel weird to talk about these things with me, but as you get older, you’re gonna be dealing with this stuff more and more. So I want you to know that you can always talk to me, okay?

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