PROPER DATING ETIQUETTE – Can Make You a Winner in Romance | Deborrah Cooper

PROPER DATING ETIQUETTE – Can Make You a Winner in Romance | Deborrah Cooper

Some singles ruin any and all chances of a great relationship by having poor dating etiquette. Bad table manners, dressing improperly for the occasion, poor grooming, inappropriate conversation, or being on their phone during the date are just a few examples of major faux paus in dating. Here’s what you should NEVER do if you want to win the dating game.

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Advice columnist, author, and social researcher Deborrah Cooper delves into the most pressing and controversial social issues of our time in an intelligent, analytical, no holds barred manner without concern for political correctness or individual feelings about reality. The channel is devoted to the betterment of women and girls – providing support and information to improve your relationships with others, but with yourselves.

Some of the hot topics recently addressed on the Debsterism Channel:

~ First Date Do’s and Don’ts!
~ Self-esteem and single women: how to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence
~ Single moms, dating, and the risks to vulnerable children
~ Boundaries – what they are, how to establish them with others, and why they are necessary
~ How to recognize a man with low self-esteem
~ Dangers to single women of Incels, True Forced Loneliness (TFL) and MGTOW set
~ What to do when you want to love and have a deep commitment, but all he wants is a good time
~ How to know if you are “too nice” to men and how you will be used if you are
~ Identifying the words and behaviors which indicate emotional and verbal abuse
~ Risks and dangers of the trans movement on women and girls
~ Toxic mothers and how they impact their daughters
~ Patriarchy and why it needs women to participate in their own demise
~ Teaching girls and women how to find their voice and say “NO!”
~ Guidance for teen boys on how to prepare themselves for stellar manhood

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