Relationship Advice For Men

Relationship Advice For Men

Here are the 5, important pieces of relationship advice for men that are discussed in this video:

1. Creating a relationship dynamic based on the fear of getting dumped, usually leads to it happening.
2. Putting way more effort into the relationship than a woman does, isn’t the way to get her to fall more and more in love with you.
3. Relationships are not hard work.
4. Turning sex into something that you’re getting from her, gradually makes her stop wanting it.
5. Being emotionally fearless in a relationship will give you far greater rewards than being emotionally guarded.

With #2, sometimes a guy will make the mistake of putting in more effort into the relationship than his woman, in the hope of making her love him the way she used to in the beginning.

Yet, that’s not the way to do it.

Women will rarely admit this if you ask them, but the best way to make a woman fall more and more in love with you over time, is to bring out her good girl side in the relationship and keep it alive.

This means bringing out the side of her that always wants to treat you well, be affectionate, be attentive, loving and supportive.

On the other hand, if you bring out a woman’s bad side and allow her to get away with treating you badly, then neither of you will really like who she becomes in the relationship.

From your perspective, she may slowly become a woman that you used to love and appreciate, but not anymore.

You might feel like you resent and even hate her at times, especially if you’ve been such a good man to her and she is gradually putting less and less effort into making you feel appreciated or loved in the ways that are important to you.

Think about the couples that you’ve seen where the woman is affectionate, loving and respectful towards her man and you will realize that the man isn’t making the mistake of putting in loads more effort into the relationship than her to hopefully make her happy.

Instead, he is a good man and treats her well, but more importantly, he gets her to treat him well and feel lucky to have a man like him.

She knows how difficult it would be to find a man like him who can bring her good girl side out and keep it alive and well in the relationship.

As a result, she loves him more than she has ever loved anyone else in her life and treats him like he is the one for her.

Unfortunately, so many men out there don’t ever get to experience that kind of love because they are unable to keep a woman’s good girl side alive and well in the relationship.

No matter how much he does for her, it’s never enough and it never brings back the love she used to have for him because he is going about it in the wrong way (i.e. he’s trying to get her to love him based on what he does for her).

Soon enough though, a break up happens and more often than not, it’s the woman who initiates it.

After every good deed the guy has done for her, the guy might then feel shocked that she wants to leave him and may even end up feeling bitter and angry when he notices that she moves on without him.

It’s a horrible experience for a man to go through, especially when he is a good man and had good intentions with her all along.

Yet, the reality is that she didn’t break up with him because he was a good man.

In most cases, a woman will break up with a guy because just wasn’t able to bring out her good girl side and keep it alive and well, so things gradually began to fall apart.

The guy could have turned the relationship dynamic around and made her treat him better and be social much more loving, affectionate and attentive than she ever was, but he didn’t know how to do that, so he lost her.

He also didn’t ever get to experience the higher levels of love that happen after years of being together where the love is growing.

To get to that amazing place in a relationship, you have to bring out her good girl side and keep it alive.

It’s very easy to do as well.

To learn exactly how to do it, go to:

By the way…

My approach to relationships (that I’ve been using with my wife for the last 6 years) is about bringing the best out of a woman, so she treats you with the love, respect and affection that you deserve.

When you approach your relationship in that way, you will see a completely new side of your woman and more importantly, she will keep getting better and better over time.

That’s what I’ve been experiencing with my wife and what men from all over the world who have used my approach, have been experiencing with their woman.

You can do it too.

It really is possible to turn things around in your relationship and enjoy an amazing relationship with her from now on.

See you in the next video!

Dan Bacon