Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist – Dating Advice for Women

Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist – Dating Advice for Women

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Tanya Marie Dubé has always been a survivor. From the very beginning, she has known what it means to fight for what you want in life and in love, and she knows the importance of never giving up on what you want. Her background in psychology has helped her teach others how to embark on their own journeys toward happiness.

This week, Tanya and I discuss a hot topic that every women finds herself pondering as they date: signs your dating a narcissist.

The most common type of narcissist that woman deal with is the covert narcissist: a narcissist who is shy and not very open about his feelings and, more dangerously, his narcissism and manipulation. Relationships with these types of men can be very draining, both physically and mentally, and they can cause damage over a long period of time.

A red-flag sign that you’re dating a narcissist is that they are incredibly entitled. When they do something wrong, these men will never apologize to you and mean it sincerely. Just as a king would never apologize to a peasant, this type of man will never apologize to the woman he’s manipulating. He may admit fault avoid major arguments with you, but it’s important to realize that narcissists won’t mean it when they tell you “I’m sorry.”

Narcissists are like little toddlers in many ways—they use the power of emotions to get what they want. An adult man, however, knows how to manipulate that power in much more significant ways, feeding off of your emotions through manipulation. Narcissists are extremely self-centered, and everything is always about them. When you’re having an issue, they’ll feign listening to your problems, only to bounce back with their own reputation and well-being in mind. They will constantly put themselves above you to get what they want, and it’s important to realize that there is no fixing a narcissist, individuals that are already too broken within themselves to contribute meaningfully to a relationship that you deserve.

Signs that your dating a narcissist can often go undetected, a major sign is constant lying about inconsequential things. These type of people are always looking to get something out of you as their partner, and they will stop at nothing to get it, even lying. It’s crucial to realize your own self-worth and not succumb to the manipulative tendencies of narcissists.

What do you think about Tanya’s signs your dating a narcissist? Let us know in the comments below!

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