singing the same song 6 years later..

singing the same song 6 years later..

hey guys! i know this is a lil different than your average cover but i found this gem the other day and i thought it would be cool to do a comparison of some sort. i used to absolutely hate how my voice sounded like a baby and boy am i glad that i finally grew out of it (aka hit puberty lol) i swear im calling it now, i’m gonna get comments saying “omg six years?? you look the exact same!!!” BUT JOKES ON YOU BC ILL STILL LOOK THE SAME WHEN IM 30
( actually that may not be a good thing lol )

fun fact: my voice was never professionally trained these past six years, so what you’re hearing is basically just me figuring out stuff myself. (and honestly i can’t even say i’ve figured stuff out bc i have so much to learn about breath support and all that stuff etc etc im rambling)
another fun fact: no autotune used in anything. i don’t even know how to use autotune lol so pls stop accusing me @haters thaaaank you 😉

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thx for watching! have a good week and hopefully I’ll see ya’ll soon (but no promises bc finals and AP exams are coming up and you know what that means :/// )

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