soldier, poet, king | open webkinz winter mep

soldier, poet, king | open webkinz winter mep

I have wanted to do a MEP of this song for a while, so here it is!

Here’s the rules:

1: This is an MEP for experienced editors, so in most cases this is not first come first serve. I will pick who I think is fit for this style of MEP.
2: Please film outside! This rule is the same for almost all my MEPs- film outside unless there is some kind of natural disaster preventing you from doing so.
3: Do not add lyrics. That’s one of the reasons this MEP is one of the only ones of mine that don’t have the lyrics onscreen.
4: The theme of this MEP is adventure and fantasy. Make it seem like a group of your Webkinz is on a quest, with one being the solider, one being the poet, and one being the king.
5: No editor = No part.
6: No software water marks. If you have an editor such as Videoshop where the watermark only lasts for a few seconds, make sure the part where the watermark shows is blank with no music and nothing going on.
7: I will be a bit picky with editors and cameras, but not too much. I will accept phone and iPad cameras.
8: The due date is January the 11th, giving you a little more than a month to do your part.
9: This is a winter MEP, so give it a winter-y vibe! Also, winter doesn’t just mean snow!
10: Only two parts per person. If this bombs and doesn’t get filled quickly enough I will raise it to three.
11: Please watermark your part on the bottom right corner of the screen. If you can’t I will gladly do it for you, just ask!
12: Keep your part PG, or at the most a mild PG-13.
13: Even though this song is technically religious, your part does not have to be! Like I said, the theme is more of an adventure.
14: PLEASE RESPOND TO MY MESSAGES! If you do not respond to my messages, you will be replaced.
15: Password is your favorite part about winter!


Intro: Mine
1: Silverwolf Productions
2: Silverwolf Productions
3: Frogremy33
4: Mine
10: Amerikinz14
11: Amerikinz14